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Challenged by multiple packaging requirements from your customers?

Let us help you design and implement a packaging solution that meets your customer's requirements and ensures that your product has the look and feel you want at every stage, from dock to stock.

  • Bagging

  • Blister Packaging

  • Carton Re-Pack

  • Display Building

  • Hand Assembly

  • Thermal Labeling

  • Sealing

  • Shrink-Wrapping

Our Warehouse And Distribution Services Include:

  • Storage

  • Product Inspection

  • Quality Control

  • Inventory Management

  • E-Commerce Fulfillment

  • Retail Fulfillment

  • Retail Compliance & Routing

  • Pick & Pack

  • Price Ticketing

  • Bar Coding

Looking for a warehouse provider that has the resources, experience, and flexibility to act as a true extension of your company?

At NJ-CAL Warehouse Expediters Services, we are focused on helping importers and manufacturers of all sizes get the right products to the right places at the right time. Our solid reputation is built on training the best logistics professionals who understand your business and will work hard to continuously improve the support of your supply chain.

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